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Free Range Pork

The quality of life for the pig is most important to me. It's probably harder work to keep pigs outdoors in winter than actually setting them up inside a building. However, for an animal suited to digging in and running on soil, outside is where they're meant to be.

Better still, putting that work in, provides for a tasty result. I'm often asked by first time customers 'will it make good crackling?'. Well, the straightforward answer is yes! Free range pork from native animals just lends itself to good eating.

Where to buy

Please see my on-line shop and the local stockists list.

In the local shops you can buy individual joints (around 1kg size) and 500g packs of sausages.

For online sales I have to balance the value of pork you receive against the cost of the reusable packing and courier delivery. Sending an individual joint would appear expensive when the cost of delivery/packing is added. Remember we have to insulate and keep your meat cool.

The Big Pig

A quarter of a pig. Approximately 14 kilos.

Includes free range leg, shoulder, belly, chops and two 500g packs of free range pork sausages.

The joints are about a kilo in weight, if you'd like them a little bigger let me know. The picture on the right shows a Big Pig pack. The price works out at about £8.04 per kilo, including p&p.

The Little Pig

A smaller amount of pork, an 1/8 of a pig or about 7.5 kilos.


As above the joints are around one kilo in weight and the pack includes two 500g packs of our free range sausages. The film shows a sizzling free range leg joint after it's high heat stage.

The price works out at around £8.67 per kilo, including p&p.

For prices and availability please visit my online shop.


Made with 97% pork, a natural casing, some salt and pepper  I deliver meaty sausages in 500g packs, ready for cooking or freezing.

I miss out the stuff supermarkets use to extend shelf live, so this humble sausage makes a great meal.

Sausages 97%.JPG
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