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After taking care to raise our animals as well as we can we want to make sure their meat reaches you in top condition.

We use a strong cardboard box that can comfortably handle the load. The three essential elements of our packaging are reusuable and/or compostable.

Wool keeps your meat insulated and prevents it moving about. This is the right choice of material, we're sheep farmers after all..!

Every joint is packed individually and labeled so you know what's what. That's especially important for frozen joints, you wouldn't want to defrost the wrong cut! Chops are packed in twos.

Your meat is laid in the box so as to avoid it shifting too much in transit. Larger cuts to the bottom with the sausages sitting on top so they don't get squashed.

These clever packs will keep your meat cool for up to 36 hours. They look like sheets of paper until they're soaked, when they expand. They're frozen for 24 hours before going in your pack. You can re-use them for picnics.

Snug as a bug. Ready to seal up for collection by the courier.

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