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Our Produce


Our British Saddleback pigs and Whitefaced Woodland sheep are both rare breeds. We considered a number of breeds before finally settling on these hardy animals.

We raise our Saddleback pigs for pork and bacon. Both are excellent, with a layer of fat that will keep your meat moist during cooking. It's often said that fat is flavour, that's exactly why we chose to keep this breed of pig.

Our pigs are always free range, they live outdoors all year, with straw filled houses to keep them out of the wind and rain. In the warmth of summer they wallow in mud puddles to keep cool.

The Whitefaced Woodland's originated in the Derbyshire Peak District. There are fewer than 900 registered ewes in the UK. Our girls spend their lives on pasture, shrugging off the worst the winter can bring, while sheltering from the sun under trees in the summer.

Our sheep only ever eat grass, hay in the winter and fresh in the fields throughout the rest of the year. We believe that is more natural than provided wheat, however that does mean the lambs grow more slowly.

We don't produce lamb in the expected sense, we produce hogget, year old lambs that are larger and have more flavour. Being pasture fed their meat also carries greater health benefits for us.

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