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Hi there!
If I've directed you here from instagram, thank you, you'll find links to my projects above. For other stories, they're listed below in the order (roughly) mentioned:

Big food loves
'plant based'

Big Food is greedy.


'Plant based' is aimed at those suffering media generated climate and nature anxiety (not vegans so much). I've always thought fake meat would take off when Tyson etc perfected generic ingredients for ready meals.


Goodbye cows?

Will eating beef be driven underground? Do processed food corporations have our health at heart; are they championing environmental outcomes or, are they motivated by profit..?

A good film that highlights the benefits of well managed cattle and explains some of the negatives of the alternative - in short global corporations are packaging their crap as better than meat so they can capture the food system, then treat the disease their products cause.



Regenisis - book review

A review of a book that recommends changes in the human diet.

Click (Regenetarianism):

Talking small

A report about the decline in small abattoir numbers:

Click (youtube):

Eat real..!
GB News link

Great to have this message broadcast...

Click (my twitter feed):

Almonds and

'In blistering drought, California farmers rip up precious almond trees'.


Soil carbon

Deep dive with Walter Jehne outlining the problem and, importantly, the solution for climate change.



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