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We sell half hoggets, or in other words one side of a hogget in a pack. It's jointed, labeled, plastic wrapped and ready for your oven and/or freezer.

Our hoggets live an outdoor life, free to roam the fields around the farm. All of our hogget is 100% pasture fed. Read about the health benefits for you here

You may be asking 'what's hogget?' Lambs are aged 0 to 12 months, hogget (or hoggs) 13 to 24 months and mutton from ewes two years and older. Some folk refer to Hogget as 'yearling lamb' or 'shearling'. Whichever name you choose it's worth trying the deeper, more mature taste.

Our hogget is available from June to October every year.

If you're not sure or would like something different i.e. for a specific recipe or function, please do ask.

Choose to receive your pack by courier or collect from the farm.

Visit our on-line shop to order.

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