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We're all faced with a variety of messages from the food and health industries that the more I look at them are blatantly unhelpful. It sounds obvious, but the main focus is selling something, rather than the health of the population.

It's easy, as a livestock farmer, to feel worse than the worst drug dealer for selling saturated fat on/in meat. As it happens, the tide is turning.

Nina Teicholz is a American journalist and author of the Big Fat Surprise. Well worth a read. She investigated the science behind the US dietary guidelines and the influence of the industry manufacturing them, and questioned their emphasis on avoiding saturated fat.

Watch: 'Red meat and Health

Dr David Unwin is an NHS GP, practicing in Southport. He follows a practical methodology that prefers lifestyle change, not drugs, to treat diabetes. He has featured on BBC television where he demonstrated how diet could reverse type 2 diabetes. That diet is essentially low carb, high fat.

Watch: 'Explaining low carb in a simple way'

Donal O'Neill is a film maker. Cereal Killers (2013) opened my eyes to the global dietary mistake most of us have been making (since the 60's). It's worth a watch if you're interested in diabetes, heart disease and the part good fats play in a healthy diet. Professor Tim Noakes. Google the name. In the 80's he ran marathons and wrote books about the virtue of carbohydrates, good old carb' loading. He was brave enough to change his position and determine that good fat isn't bad for us. Donal proves the point and shows how a fat heavy diet and short intensive exercise actually improves his health.

Watch: 'Cereal Killers trailer'

If you're ever wondering if the NHS is concerned about the health of the population read articles by NHS cardiologist, Dr Aseem Malhotra. Have you ever wondered why the staff in hospitals are overweight, yet they'll be coaching diabetic patients? Why is hospital food unhealthy?

Aseem and Donal (above) recently published 'The Pioppi Diet'. A straightforward read about the diet of one village in Italy. We've all heard of the Mediterranean diet, yes..? It turns out that it was a bastardised version and key elements, including hard work, went missing.

Watch: Introducing The Pioppi Diet

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