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We produce lamb and pork outdoors, believing it better for the health of animal and the taste of its meat.   

We are new farmers, buying and beginning to renovate our farm in 2010.



There's a lot to learn. Making money from farming livestock is certainly challenging, but we are focussed on running a business.



Gareth Barlow (the lad off the telly!) came to see us, read more here.


Our British Saddleback pigs and Whitefaced Woodland sheep are both native rare breeds. We considered a number of breeds before finally settling on these hardy animals.


The Saddleback pig is tough, sleeping outside in a nest it builds, often ignoring the accommodation we provide. It's pork is excellent, raised to ensure a layer of fat that will keep your meat moist during cooking.


The Whitefaced Woodland sheep is a native of the Derbyshire Peak District.  There are fewer than 900 registered ewes in the UK. Our girls spend their lives on pasture, shrugging off the worst the winter can bring, sheltering from the sun under trees in summer.


We sell pork, lamb and hogget (older lambs) in packs ready for your freezer when they are available.


Meat is sold either as the full, half or a quarter animal. Our local butcher joints the meat ready for your kitchen. If you have a family of four we can prepare the joints to match your needs, likewise the joints can be cut to smaller sizes.

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