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Nicola and I farm British Saddleback pigs outdoors in Farndale on the North York Moors. Our pork isn't available in supermarkets, it's too good for that. Instead, we welcome visitors to the farm to collect their meat or deliver it by courier.


Our pork pigs are raised for a minimum of six months before our local butcher prepares packs of joints and sausages.


We sell pork in packs - that is a quarter of a pig including a leg, shoulder, belly, chops and sausages. If there is a specific cut you'd like just let me know.


Price for a quarter pig: £86.25, great value at around £5.75 a kilo.


Delivery is an additional £23. We use sheeps wool to keep the meat cool. See our packaging page here. Packs are collected in late afternoon and arrive by 4pm the next day. The insulation will sustain the correct temperature for at least 36 hours.


Check our price against the factory farmed stuff in the shops. We'll be at or around the same price per kilo, but ours 'tastes like pork used to taste'. Plus of course you can meet us and see the farm if you choose.


To buy call me on 01751 430998 - that way I can arrange exactly the joints you'd like.


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12 November 2015

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