That Meat Show on the BBC

Know where your meat comes from and how it's raised.

The BBC1 show spent a lot of time explaining that US and Brazilian farming practices are bad for the planet. But, some of the leading regenerative farmers are farming in the US. A missed opportunity to demonstrate the difference.

I thought it odd that the presenter was satisfied that the methane was being captured at that pig unit, yet the pigs were still indoors 24/7..!

Look out for free range pork.

Pigs and chickens consume by-products of the food industry, i.e. brewers grains, flour residues (the bits not good enough for baking), low grade wheat (it's not all good enough for bread), barley (some doesn't make beer grade), fruits and veg.

My pigs don't eat fish meal.

If you're buying beef or lamb look for 100% grass fed products.

Methane: '... global team of IPCC researchers based at Oxford University, shows categorically that methane from Britain's ruminants is not causing global warming'. Read the report, click here.

Meat and animal fat doesn't make you fat.

Terrible to promote the fake meat - food deeper and deeper in the hands of corporations, the same organisations keeping pigs in sheds and polluting the US countryside (nothing new, see Righteous Pork Chop by Nicolette Hahn Niman (2009).

An extremist perspective; the programme didn't seek to educate, instead it chose to frighten. Was there any mention of the positive nutritional benefits of meat..?

A missed opportunity to spread the word about better meat.

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