Simple Chops

November 3, 2019

I'm often asked 'what's the best way to cook them'?

Pork chops are easy to cook, and less is better. Less time that is.

There's a tendency to overcook them, please don't! Here's how I do it...

1. Start with proper thick cut free range chops!


2. Warm them to room temperature

3. Heat your conventional oven on to 160c


4. Heat a little oil (or lard preferably) in a frying pan


5. When the pan is hot, pop the chops in. Two at a time, so as not to crowd the pan


6. Cook for a minute either side


7. Then lay the chops in a tray and put them in the oven for ten minutes


8. When the buzzer sounds, remove the tray and cover it in foil


9 Leave the chops to rest for five minutes.


That's it.

Have a go and work out the oven temperature/time to suit your appliance. They don't need longer in the pan, that just adds colour. Increase the heat at that stage if you want the meat to appear more browned.

Tip: to cover the roasting tray in foil; lay the foil over the top and then lay a tea towel over that to press the foil down to make the air tight seal. That should save your fingers!

If you like onions, fry half of one before you fry the chops. Add the chopped, sweated, onion to the roasting tin so it makes a base for your chops in the oven.

FAT. Yes the chops have fat on them!

Don't cut the fat off before cooking, it adds both moisture and flavour.

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