Weaning Day

June 8, 2019

A key stage in the development of the young pigs.

I wean my piglets at a point between eight and nine weeks. This group are eight weeks and three days.

Which way do they go..? I help the female pig (sow) into a trailer and drive her away. By this time the young pigs are already eating solid foods and behaving independently. The sow will have fed them every 20 minutes during the day and every hour overnight for two months. This is the oppostite from what you may have heard, there's no tearing piglets away from their mother. Instead, I try to mirror a natural process, leaving the young pigs to feed and organise their bedding.

At this age the boars and gilts are left together, but they'll be separated before they reach five months to avoid any mating behaviour and unwanted farrowing.


For contrast - in a factory setting the piglets would be weaned at around three weeks; they would be fattened and killed at three to four months. My pigs go for pork at around eight months. Bacon pigs have to be bigger, so they'll be at least nine months old.


If you have a question please get in touch using the contact page above.


Thanks for reading.


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