Dry Cured Bacon

We deliver our free range dry cured bacon and gammon to your door!


Over eight weeks all of the moisture is removed from the middle and legs of the pig before it's sliced. That makes for great eating quality and means we can send it to you via first class post!

Which is your favourite, back or streaky..?! Have you tried a gammon steak before?

We post 240g approx (1/2 pound) bacon packs and 370g gammon steaks Monday to Thursday (excluding bank holidays).

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What our customers say...


'the bacon is fab... amazing flavour' - Heidi, Redcar​

'Best bacon I've ever had!’ - Richard, Waterloovile

'Haven't tasted bacon that good since I was a child' - Ruth, Inverness


'Well worth getting some of this delicious bacon posted to you. Just like bacon used to taste' - Phil, Bristol


'Haven't tasted bacon like that since I was a bairn' - Steve, Consett


'Well Peter that's very good bacon indeed. How I've missed good, dry bacon with rind on' - Mark, Oxfordshire


'It's dry cured and it's proper Yorkshire bacon' - Vicki, Easington